Phantom of the Opera

31 October 2018
Countdown to event: 26 days
Have a wonderful Halloween at the City Hall!

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Have a wonderful Halloween at the City Hall in the company of the Phantom of the Opera - stars of the silent cinema.

Erik (The Phantom) is up from the dungeons again! The phantom menace of the Paris Opera is back to terrorise the patrons and staff at the house. In one of his most famous roles, Lon Chaney (Snr) plays the Phantom with a stellar cast of the silent screen to support him. Christine Daaé played by Mary Philbim, is the object of Erik’s obsession and he stops at nothing for her to succeed and for her to be his possession. The love triangle is complete with Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny played by Norman Kerry, who is the true love of Christine. Chaney took care of his own make-up and he spent hours before shooting to contort his face so he could be The Phantom of the Opera. The results, as you will see, are spectacular in this 1925 classic of the silent screen.

The original story by Gaston Leroux is fantastic and horror and suspense are the key elements to this film. The sets together with the acting make it memorable. Donald MacKenzie, organist from London’s Odeon Leicester Square, will be at the console of the City Hall organ to provide the magical accompaniment to seamlessly move from one dramatic scene to the next and provide a special edge to the film's nail biting experience.

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